Centre for Urban Ecology and Evolution
CUE2 is a collaboration of universities and other knowledge institutes in the Netherlands to jointly study wild organisms thriving in cities.

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Our Research

Wouter Halfwerk


In the CITISENSE project, funded through an ERC starting grant, we aim to understand how animal communication and species interactions are influenced by urban sensory conditions, s...
Jacintha Ellers

Urban evolution of species interactions

As one of the participating research groups in the GLUE project, my team has set up an urban-rural gradient in Amsterdam and surroundings to study adaptation of species interaction...
Kamiel Spoelstra

Light on Nature / Light on Landscape Project

In the NWO-TTW funded Light on Landscape project (follow-up of Light on Nature) we study the impact of artificial light at night (ALAN) on nocturnal species: bats, mice, mustelids...
Matty Berg

Trait-based approaches in explaining shifts in species composition

The isopod Porcellio spinicornis, one of the most drought tolerant species in cities (Photo credit Jan van Duinen). Funded through various grants and in close cooperation with M...
Menno Schilthuizen

Urban evolution in land snails

Land snails are characterized by low mobility. This means that they tend to show strong local adaptation. We study urban evolution in land snails along urban-to-rural transects, wi...
Barbara Tomotani

Evolution of biological clocks

Through a NWO-VENI grant, Barbara Tomotani uses the phenotypic differences of urban/rural biological clocks to test the prediction that the altered light cues experienced in cities...

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Welcome to the contact page for the Centre for Urban Ecology and Evolution (CUE2). Our group of biologists are dedicated to researching the ecology and evolution of urban ecosystems.

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